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How to Support Artists You Love: A Guide for Fans

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Hello dear art-lovers, color-enthusiasts, and creative spirits,

Have you ever found yourself completely captivated by an artist's work? Have their lines, colors, and compositions ever felt like a visual melody that resonates with your soul? If so, you know that breathtaking moment when you stumble upon a creator who seems to be singing your life with their art. As an artist myself, I've been incredibly fortunate to feel this kind of love and support from my wonderful followers - you! And you've asked me many times, "How can we support our favorite artists?" So, in the spirit of openness and creative camaraderie, let's unpack this beautiful question together. 1. Buy their work The most direct way to support artists is to invest in their art. From prints and originals to merchandise like shirts, mugs, and art books - every purchase you make directly benefits the artist. This enables us to continue our work and provide you with more of the stuff you love! 2. Commission them Need a custom piece or always dreamed of your OCs drawn in your favorite artist's style? Commission them! It's the perfect blend of supporting an artist financially and receiving a personalized piece of art in return. 3. Engage with their online presence "Like", "comment", and "share" may sound like social media jargon, but they're actually powerful tools in the world of digital art. Every interaction you have with an artist's posts boosts their visibility and reach. So, next time you love an art piece, don't just scroll by—leave a comment, share it with your friends, or simply hit that like button! 4. Support them on Patreon or similar platforms Platforms like Patreon offer an amazing opportunity to support artists on a regular basis. By pledging a monthly amount, you help artists like me to have a consistent income, which in turn, allows us to focus on creating more art. Plus, you get access to exclusive content like WIPs, behind-the-scenes insights, and uncensored content (Yes, I'm talking about all the juicy yaoi goodies). 5. Attend their exhibitions, workshops or conventions Nothing beats seeing art in person or meeting your favorite artist face to face. By attending events where your favorite artist is participating, you're showing your support in a very tangible way. 6. Give them constructive feedback Artists are always looking to improve, and constructive feedback is essential for growth. If you love an artist's work, take the time to tell them why. If something doesn't sit right with you, let them know – respectfully and considerately, of course!

In the end, it's all about love, respect, and mutual growth. We artists create because we love to share our vision with the world. We thrive on your support, just like our art hopefully inspires, moves, or simply entertains you.

Let's keep the cycle of creativity alive. Art is a team sport, after all. Keep coloring outside the lines, Roxino

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